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A Matter of Life and Death!

The Story of 'Til Life Do Us Part'

Barnaby and Timothy are a match made in the grave. One is a miserable misanthrope and the other a paranoid hypochondriac; together they are 70-year-old best friends who make a suicide pact to spite the world and end it all before a disease does. 

When Timothy unexpectedly chooses life, Barnaby accuses him of betraying the sacred suicide pact, corrupting their friendship into a struggle for the ground they walk on or the dirt underneath it. Will death win over life? 

The Misanthrope and The Hypochondriac

Barnaby is a retired philosophy professor and dedicated misanthrope who despises people's true and ugly nature.


Timothy was once a promising traveling journalist before his untimely retirement due to hypochondria. After all of the illnesses he contracted over the years in foreign places, it only stands to reason he'll die at any moment from any given disease.


With a world full of hateful hypocrites and diseases that wish to kill you slowly and painfully, there's only one thing for the pair left to do. And so the two unexpected friends set off on a journey to death. Ironically though, it is through death that these two may find a reason to live after all. 

The Director's Eulogy Statement

Death is no laughing matter. In fact, it's absurd. Much like a friendship of my own, the story of these two holds a dear and sincere place in my life as the writer and director. Life is hard but so is death. How could anyone handle either one without a good friend? Til Life Do Us Part delves into a friendship that both life and death threaten to tear apart but could instead prove to be the glue that will keep them together.

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